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Morrisville, PA Borough

Morrisville, PA

Going paperless and distributing information to the public efficiently was the objective of this site. We restructured the site with new content/graphics and implemented a database calendaring system where the staff can post content to the online calendar and it immediately becomes available to the public no paper involved. This calendaring system has the capability of an unlimited number of events and categories. With that flexibility in mind they also implemented a different category for the Morrisville library which looks like its own stand alone calendar. There has been a significant cost savings due to the reduction of print distribution and also attendance of different events and meetings has increased because the information is available 24-7 and easy to find on the web.

Client Description:
Morrisville Pa is a quaint little borough of approximately two square miles. It is located midway along what is known as the Northeast corridor, between New York and Washington, D.C. It shares the banks of the Delaware River with its neighbor, New Jersey.
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